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12 Tyres Retreading Curing Chamber

12 Tyres Retreading Curing Chamber
Product name : 12 Tyres Retreading Curing Chamber
Item : Chamber1500x4000
Details :
Curing Chamber Technical Parameters

After Previous Procedures of Old Tread Buffing,New Tread Building etc,The Enveloped Tyres are then Placed in this Curing Chamber and the Pre-cured Tread Rubber (PTR) becomes adhered to the Tyre through a vulcanizing process.
Capacity & Model ¢1500×4000mm, 12 tires
External Dimension 5500×2200×2300 mm
Suitable for sizes 15'',16’’,20’’,22.5’’,12.00-24''
Weight 2980 Kgs
Design Temp. 140℃
Working Temp.        112~117℃
Design Pressure 0.85Mpa
Working Pressure 0.5Mpa
Water Pressure Test 1.0Mpa
Main Material Carbon Steel
Heating Media Dry Air
Electric Power 60Kw
Main Structure mainly consists of Door, Shell, Door Opening-Closing Device, High-Temperature Circulator and Electric Control Cabinet
Functions 1. Automatic Alarm, automatic Timing
2. Thrip-interlock for safety
3.Two options for Curing Rim & Tube System or Double Envelopes Systems
4.Multifunctional system controls temperature, pressure, time
5.Over-inflating Protection engineered
6.Insulation:All insulation material are used with high quality materials,and
cylindrical body is covered with stainless steel material which prevents the
formation of cracks and rustiness and assures the reliabitlity of the insulation
7.Standard Heating Method:Electrical,aslo avaible for Thermal Oil and Steam Heating Methods
Different Capacities    DN1500*1300mm,4 Tyres
DN1500*2000mm,6 Tyres
DN1500*2500mm,8 Tyres
DN1500*3000mm,10 Tyres
DN1500*4000mm,12 Tyres
DN1500*5000mm,16 Tyres
DN1500*6500mm,20 Tyres
DN1500*7500mm,24 Tyres
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