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Curing Chamber-Tyre Retreading Equipment

Curing Chamber-Tyre Retreading Equipment
Product name : Curing Chamber-Tyre Retreading Equipment
Item : ML-08
Details :
 Your Complete Tyre Retreading Equipments-Tyre Retreading Industrial Solutions Supplier
Curing Chamber /Tyre Vulcanizing Tank parameters
Specification:ML-08 Tyre Retreading Line - Curing Chamber for Truck Tyre and Passenger Bus Tires
Range of Tyre Size:Within Size of 12.00-24 Truck and Passage Bus Tyre 600-1200(16''-20''-22.5''),including Wide tyres like 385/65R22.5''
Operating Worker No.:Minimum 4 Staff required
Workshop Area: Min. 200 sqm 
Max Service Power:40kw
Curing Time:220Minutes/per shift(Timing after getting 112°C)
Max Daily Work Shift:4 shifts/day
Max Daily Output:32pcs/day
Min Required Power:380V,50HZ.,40KW
Min Required Air Supply:0.8Mpa
Min Air Compressor:1pcs(Air Displacement:1.05 m3/min;Work Prssure:1.20Mpa;Auto Power:11KW)
Min Required Air Storage:1pc(Storage Volume:1m3;Work Prssure:1.25Mpa;Temperature:100°C)

The Shandong Melion Industrial complete tyre retreading production line are mainly included:
Tyre retreading machines-Curing chamber/Vulcanizing Tank, buffing machine,tread building machine, rubber stirring machine, rubber extruding machine/extruder gun, outer envelope spreader, steel wheel rim mounting machine,rubber crumb dust collector, tyre conveyor/Monorail,repair machine,handcart,hooks,tyre initial inspection machine,all necessary accessories,etc. Also,tread rubber and cushion gum supplies.
Tyre Reteading (PRE-CURE) Curing Chamber- The tires are placed in this curing chamber and the precured tread becomes adhered to the tire through a vulcanizing process.Our wide engineering capabilities and experience enable Melion to build chambers to suit our clients' different preferences for size, steam heated, electric heated, or double heating system, semi-automatic and automatic chambers. 
The MELION Curing Chamber(autoclave) capacity available from 4 pcs,6 pcs,8 pcs,10 pcs,12 pcs ,16pcs,24 pcs tires,which satisfying different processing requirements for clients.
Function Description:
1. Automatic alarm, Automatic timing
2. Automatic door system and three triplock for safty
3.Optional:electrical oil and steam heating 
4. Multifunctional system controls temperature, pressure, curing time
5. Automatic compensation function on temperature, pressure
6.Insulation:All insulation material are used with high quality materials,and cylindrical body is covered with stainless steel material which prevents the formation of cracks and rustiness and assures the reliabitlity of the insulation itself.
 Our new range of Autoclave/tyre vulcanizing tank/curing chamber are manufactured by us from high class materials and using modern technology which given warranty of:
 --Maximum working safety
 --Power and energy saving
 --Long lasting
 --Easy operation
 --Less working space
 --Less maintenace cost
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