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Curing Chamber

Curing Chamber
Product name : Curing Chamber
Item : ML-LHG
Details :
Curing Chamber
Description The tyres are placed in this Curing Chamber and the Pre-cured Tread becomes adhered to the tyre through a vulcanizing process
Capacity & Model:¢1500×4000mm, 12 tires
External Dimension(LWH):5500×2200×2300 mm
Suitable for sizes:15'',16’’-20’’,22.5’’,12.00-24''
Working Temperature:112℃-117℃
Heating Media:Dry Air
Total Power:55Kw
Functions 1. Automatic alarm, Automatic timing
2. Three interlock for safety
3.Optional heating:electrical(standard),thermal oil and steam heating 
4. Multifunctional system controls temperature, pressure, time
5. Auto-compensation function on temperature, pressure available
6. Insulation:All insulation material are used with high quality materials,and cylindrical body is covered with stainless steel material which prevents the formation of cracks and rustiness and assures the reliabitlity of the insulation itself.
Power 380V,50Hz,60KW
Remarks available:ML-4,6,8,10,12,13,16,20,22,24 tyres;PLC

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