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Pre-cured Tread Building Machine

Pre-cured Tread Building Machine
Product name : Pre-cured Tread Building Machine
Item : TBF
Price : USD 5000
Details :
MELION Tread Building Machine Technical Parameters
Dimension 1770x2000x2010MM
Inflation Pressure 0.15Mpa
Suitable Ranges of Tyres 650-1200(15’’,16’’,20’’,22.5’’ )&Max12.00-24''
Voltage & Frequency 380V,50Hz,3Ph
Power 1.2 Kw
Wheel Chucks Type 15’’-16’’,20’’-22.5’’
Roller Motor Power RV63-0.55KW
Lead Screw Motor Power RV50—0.37KW
Chuck Cylinder spc 100×400mm
Lifting Cylinder spc80×150
Tire Ejecting Cylinder spc63×150×2mm
Weight 900 Kgs

Description:In the pre-cure tyre retreading system, the Tread Rubber has already been vulcanized with the new tread pattern design. The buffed tyre needs a thin layer of cushion gum to be wrapped around its crown area. The Pre-cured Tread Rubber(PTR) is then applied with the building machine. This is called the building process.
Function:Over-Inflated Protection:Ensure the pressure in the tire is in the range of 0.1~0.15Mpa. When pressure exceeds 0.2Mpa, the Safety Air Bleeding Valve on Wheel Chuck shall be activated to instantly bleed air out in case of any parts damaged from over pressure.
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