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Outer Envelope Spreader

Outer Envelope Spreader
Product name : Outer Envelope Spreader
Item : ENS-22.5
Details :
Outer Envelope Spreader Machine Parameters
Overall 1500*1600*2200mm
mainly consists of Base Plate, Turn Column, Lifting Arm, Gripper, Spreading Arm, Spreading Cylinder and Lifting Cylinder. It also equipped with Pressure Regulating Valve and Hand Switch Valve.
Working Principle Before wrapping the envelope, it shall be put on the Holding Pads of the Spreading Arms. Operate the air cylinder and drive the Spreading Arms outwards to spread the Envelope. Then open the Gripper and grip the bead, and then lift the tire up with the cylinder-driven cable wire and guiding pulley. Rotate the lifting arm and lower the tire into the center of the Spreading Arms, and then put it into the envelop. Manipulate the Air Cylinder to retrieve the Spreading Arms and release the Spreading Pads off the Envelop. Then lift the tire out of the Spreader. By then, enveloping is completed. De-enveloping is the inverse process of enveloping. 
Weight 280 Kgs

More Options
a) Envelope+Curing Rim & Tube System 
The built tyres are then mounted with envelops and rims to prepare them for curing. 
b) or Double Envelope System

For enveloping, tyres are first fitted an outer envelope at the envelope-mounting table before the inner envelope is fitted into them. The enveloped tyres are then vacuumed out for preparation prior to curing. Modern plants have their casings hoisted by monorail systems. With professional planning from MELION engineers, you can be assured of workstations designed to maximize output and ease workflow. 
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