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Curing Rims Mounting Machine

Curing Rims Mounting Machine
Product name : Curing Rims Mounting Machine
Item : RMM-22.5
Details :
Rims Mounting Machine of Tire Retreading
Description Mounting and Dismounting the Curing Rims in retread process
Air Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
External dimensions(L×W × H): 1100×900×800 (mm)
weight:160 kgs
Rims mounted and dismounted pneumatically,save the labor force and energy
Remarks if double-envelope system needed,the Inner Envelope Table alternative

The Curing Rim Mounting Machine is designed for Curing Rims assembling and unloading during the pre-curing retreading process. For convenient operation, the machine is usually bounded with the Envelop Spreader. It is usually put on the rear or side of the Envelop spreader.
Structure and Principle:
Curing Rim Mounting Machine(Curing Rim Changer) consists of Main Body, Work Plate, Pulling-Press Cylinder, Turning Cylinder, and Cross-shape Pressing Frame. And it also equipped with air-vapor separator for compressed air, lubricator, pressure relief valves, Hand Switch valve and foot valve.

Before mounting the rim, place the bottom cover and pressing plate of the rim onto the work plate. Then lift the enveloped tire above the bottom plate and pressing plate. And then install the top cover and pressing plate. Switch on the hand switch valve and push the pulling-press cylinder up. Then mount the cross-shape pressing frame onto the pulling –press cylinder and lock with the pin roll. Then operate the hand switch valve and pull the cylinder to press the pressing plate and tire. Meantime, tighten the top cover of the rim and lock with pin clamping. Then push the pulling-press cylinder shaft with hand switch valve. Then dismount the cross-shape pressing frame. Peddle the foot valve and upturn the work plate. Then unload the tire. By then, rim mounting is completed.
Dismounting the rim is the inverse process of mounting.