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How to choose the tire to be retreaded ?

AUTHOR : Lily Date : 7/8/2011 12:22:20 AM
How to choose the tire to be retreaded ?

1, The choice should be strictly on the carcass quality of the "School Official Cites Use quality tire carcass quality is the key. Under the conditions of high-speed matrix choice for tire aging, and so strong deformation and damage should be strictly controlled. At present, most enterprises rely on experience to renovate manual detection, has become unsuited for the high-speed tire. However, the use of advanced measurement capabilities is not feasible economically acceptable.It is more economical and effective method of compressed air used fully. Tire inflation pressure to provide value to the public, according to artificial lighting plus side tire inspection If there carcass weeks to fetal side zipper-type fracture and fracture, will issue a rattle.Stealth tire inflation pressure can increase significantly exposed flaws (in danger of this method is carried out under conditions of safety assurance) If no abnormalities input processing. This method can significantly reduce damage caused by caused by the tire defects. 

 2, The tire carcass grinding to a reasonable grinders under different parameters. 
Tire circle after a thorough polishing. 1-2cm between the base of tire rubber in order to reduce the process of moving tires heat. Burnish the surface curvature consistent with the original tire to prevent the election of a new stress concentration. It must be used to meet the requirements of advanced high-precision grinding machines.

 3, Strictly control the quality of repair "School Official Cites Use of advanced tire repair strictly enforce the repair processes If Maroni, Tektronix and other repair process. Reasonable tool, the scientific cutting to the hole. Cold repair materials using low heat. There is prohibited in the fourth round two repair. Volume control pad to ensure tire dynamic balance. 

 4.Tread pattern type and reasonable choice "School Official Cites Use of the tire tread compound used in high heat to low, rolling resistance, and good stability. The wear resistance of the tire tread pattern, turning, stable through, installing and so on. Patterns will choose to take full account of the road, speed, weather and round spaces. 

 5,Adhesive quality assurance. curing temperature of 110 degrees Celsius below in the "School Official Cites Use of low-temperature and short time use adhesive curing process should be used.Have enough strength and durability of adhesive, which will not be guaranteed the use of heat, impatient with the aging effects of adverse consequences.Curing temperature at 110 degrees Celsius below the curing process can reduce the damage to the carcass.